Appropriate painting colors for kitchens with oak Cabinets

Changing home painting isn’t an easy job for any body. A lot of people think many times before they take this action, one of the basic difficult you can face is the existing of a principle element you should care about, like cabinets in kitchen. We will try in the following lines to help you in choosing wall painting color for kitchens with oak cabinets as a sample of what we taking about.

Appropriate painting colors for kitchen depend on space, if kitchen is small, we can use bright colors to give the sense of widening, like pastel colors. On the contrary large space, need dark colors like orange, red to give us a sense of warming.

Kitchens with oak Cabinets also impose on us the colors we should use, because Oak Cabinets have many degrees from light color to the dark one, so we will choose the most appropriate to it to create the form we want.

The most common appropriate painting colors for kitchens with oak Cabinets are green with all shads, blue, red, orange, mix of blue & green, mix of orange & red, silver & golden shads, all of the previous give us the sense of warming.

The best way to know that you will have the right and appropriate painting is to try it before begging the whole work.

If you are nature lover, you will choose the closer color to nature colors, like green, brown, golden yellow, wood colors, light blue, orange, red & the mixing of some of it, will make a harmony between the wall painting & oak Cabinets which will lead us to the creation you dream to achieve.

Oak Cabinets may be restricting you in renewing your painting, but it also will give you the sense of intimacy, luxury and originality.

Appropriate painting colors for kitchens with oak Cabinets

Appropriate painting colors for kitchens with oak Cabinets

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