How to Design a Kitchen Layout

Kitchen is a vital part in the house, so we have to make it the best shelter of all appliances. How can you do that? Scroll down and you will see some ideas about designing a kitchen layout.

Firstly you have to decide how many prep areas are needed, if various cooks will be using the space you should design your kitchen with enough room for a second sink and make sure you have extra room for chopping and dicing if you want.

Kitchen layouts basically divided into various classes:

kitchen in the form of (U)- – walls of kitchen where cabinets and appliances sit form a (U).

Kitchen in the form of (L)- this is the most popular type of kitchen as walls of kitchen where cabinets and appliances sit form an L and the kitchen layout is very elastic and there is a lot of space available on the side for appliances.

There are also galley kitchen (aka corridor kitchen) – appliances and cabinets along two walls facing each other, and one wall kitchen – appliances and cabinets along one wall.

There is another kind called (Peninsula kitchen) which a cabinet wall is open to another space.

What can you do if you have small house, the best idea is a galley kitchen and also a single wall kitchen which is a kitchen with one countertop that covers the entire wall of the kitchen. And the great advantage of g – shaped Kitchen is this design is optimal for big families as there is plenty of space available due to the countertops all around.

Try to design the work triangle, there is a great trait of that design as it optimizes the influx between sink, stove and refrigerator for the most adequacy – they shouldn’t be too close together or too far apart.

But don’t forget to layout the design on graph paper and make sure you have the sound gauges of all your appliances and cabinets.

In case you liked reading this Kitchen Layout Ideas, you will surely adore taking a look at the following photos.

How to Design a Kitchen Layout

How to Design a Kitchen Layout

How to Design a Kitchen Layout

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