Kitchen Decor in the Italian style

Kitchen Decor in the Italian style

So many people all over the world greatly admire the Italian style when it comes to decorating their houses, particularly their kitchens. This admiration is mainly attributed to the fact that Italian kitchens are well known for their beauty, warmth and coziness. Additionally, Italian kitchen decor ideas provide the solution to create elegant and luxurious kitchen interior style as heart of house. In this regard, there are some useful tips and ideas that can help us have an Italian-style kitchen.

First and foremost, the colors used in painting the walls should remind us of the Italian lifestyle in the countryside distinguished with its grassy hillsides, aromatic food, grapes and wines. So, blue and green colors for painting the walls are the best choice to reflect such characteristics which can give a very authentic Italian look to your kitchen. Concerning furniture, the good option would be to have lots of wooden chairs or large wooden benches for seating. Since food recipes are inherited among generations In Italy, it would be necessary to have the same trend in your kitchen through creating a center island in it, with lots of stools around it, where children can take cooking lessons from their mothers and grandmothers.

In the meantime, you can add accessories such as hanging grapes, hanging garlic bulbs, old Italian style clocks, If you want to give a rural look to your kitchen. However, if you opt for a contemporary, modern Italian decor, you can used instead lots of stainless steel shelves on the walls for hanging and keeping utensils, along with using furniture made of metal or wrought iron as well.

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