Designs 2012

Kitchen Designs 2012

Outdoor Kitchen Design

Outdoor Kitchen Design, 26 Cool Designs

The outdoor kitchen design is a different kind of kitchen design. The outdoor kitchen design is an attractive design that allows  family and guests to gather together in a magic place especially if there were a pool. The components of outdoor kitchen design are different somewhat from  indoor kitchen design. There are basic components to talk about in the outdoor kitchen design. They are the grill for cooking meats and grilling vegetables, and the oven for breads, pizza, roasts, pies, pasta and more. There are important ideas for your outdoor kitchen design as covers or roofs that can be used for heating elements or outdoor fireplaces. For entertaining in the outdoor kitchen design, you can bring a video monitor and television. For family and friends gathering in the outdoor kitchen, there should be a nice large table with many chairs. Wood heating stoves will leave a different touch in the outdoor kitchen design. …

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European Kitchen Design

European Kitchen Design, 29 Cool Designs

European kitchen design is elegant and cool. If you are searching for a classical, traditional, modern or rustic style, you will find it in the European kitchen design. The European kitchen components are simple and classic. The European kitchen design converts your boring kitchen design into a fantastic design. You will see cabinets in European kitchen design made of frosted glass. If you use the frosted glass cabinets with back lighting, they will give a calm atmosphere in your European kitchen. The cabinets will be cool, if you add lightwood. The tall cabinets in the European kitchen design give a charming picture to your kitchen design. European kitchen design is a lavish and unique design because of the lighting used in the European kitchen. There are many colors that are used in European kitchen design like red, black, white, dark blue, brown, gray or yellow. The bright ceramic in the …

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Open kitchen design

Open Kitchen Design

If you are searching for an interesting kitchen design and a special kitchen design, you must choose the open kitchen design. The open kitchen design is a modern design and open kitchen design allows you to move freely in the kitchen. Open kitchen design does not force you to be stuck in a small kitchen while you are preparing meals. The open kitchen design does not require being huge, but just requires simplicity. A large window in the open kitchen design makes the open kitchen very bright and seem larger. The sunlight enters the open kitchen from the window and gives a good look to the window curtains. Wall colors are important elements in every room especially in the kitchen. There are many colors for painting the open kitchen wall such as white, cream, gray wood, sky blue or brown. Every kitchen should have fume sucking facilities so to keep …

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Kitchen Lighting Design

Kitchen Lighting Design

A design of the kitchen is different from the other rooms. The kitchen design contains many components. A good kitchen design includes care of all kitchen components. Lighting in the kitchen is the most attractive decor. If you choose an effective lighting design, you will get a fantastic kitchen upgrade. Your kitchen lighting will be bright if you use a combination of different kinds of lighting. There are many types of kitchen lighting. These types such as general kitchen lighting should be elegant enough to light the entire kitchen with something very similar to natural daylight. Another type is down lights, which is a type of lighting that is so ideal because it uses a very low ceiling and is available in plenty different finishes and styles. You can increase the beauty of your kitchen lighting design by using chandeliers with other lights in the space of your kitchen. Under cabinet …

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Kitchen Designs Types

Kitchen Design Types

Home owners spend much money to have a great kitchen. Therefore, they must carefully choose the design of their kitchen. There are many types of kitchen designs. The one called modern has become a popular design type selected by most people. If you want a modern kitchen design, make sure that you intend for your kitchen to remain simple forever. Some people like the black kitchen design which features simplicity and tranquility. This kind of kitchen design belongs to aristocratic life. Other people prefer the rustic kitchen design. It satisfies the taste for old fashion and uses wood as the main kitchen design component. There are many things you should keep in mind when you plan for a fantastic design for your kitchen. The wall is the main component that you must care about in kitchen design. The colors of the wall should be acceptable and consist of colors like …

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Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Design Ideas, 38 Cool Idaes

If you are bored from your kitchen design, there are many new ideas of kitchen designs that can make your kitchen up to date. We can start with the ideas that allow making your kitchen shiny such as over-sized windows, skylights, bright wall colors and light floor colors. You can achieve your dream kitchen design to a reality by executing some ideas. Wall paint is an important factor as a new idea in the kitchen. If you like serenity, use light colors like white, yellow, rose, sky blue, cream or turquoise. The mixture of colors is a nice idea and you can mix between two colors as such as white and black, rose and white, cream and brown or red and white. You can mix color ideas as you like. The cabinets occupy a large space in the kitchen so you can use many ideas to make your kitchen design newer. The color, …

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Italian Kitchen Design

Italian Kitchen Design, 27 Cool Designs

If you want modernity and inspiration to enter your kitchen, Italian kitchen design is the best idea to choose. The Italian kitchen design focuses on comfort and simplicity. Start with the wall color of the Italian kitchen design. You can create a calm atmosphere in your kitchen by painting it with cream, gold, orange, sky blue, gray, deep brown or white. In addition, you can mix two colors with each other to give a fantastic view to your Italian kitchen design. The majority of Italian families like to stay in the kitchen for a long time so it requires a table. A table surrounded by many chairs in the Italian kitchen design is the favorite thing Italians prefer. You can make the table of wood and the chairs of wrought iron with wood and they will add a beautiful touch to your Italian kitchen design. A backsplash with a bold …

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Tuscan Kitchen Design

Tuscan Kitchen Design, 29 Cool Designs

Tuscany is a region in Italy. Tuscan kitchen design is famous for its scenery, heritage and art of cooking. Most people like Tuscan kitchen design because Tuscan kitchen design is comfortable, simple and historic. The Tuscan kitchen color is so attractive. There are many colors for your Tuscan kitchen like sky blue, warm colors, olive green, orange, deep purple, yellow, warm gray, milky white and red. The Tuscan cabinet is characterized with natural wood tones that reflect warm colors of the Tuscany landscape. The flooring in Tuscan kitchen design is made of stone, marble, mosaic tile, terracotta, slate and natural hard wood. You will feel more comfortable in your Tuscan kitchen if you put a nice table with chairs for gathering the family and inviting friends. You can add stone countertop or hang a ring of pots and candleholders in your Tuscan kitchen. For ornamenting your Tuscan kitchen by accessories, …

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Small Kitchen Design

Small kitchen design, 24 Cool designs

Many people have small kitchen designs that cause then a problem. If you have a small kitchen and you want it to be perfect, there are many ideas to make your small kitchen design large and comfortable. You should use sleek tables and chairs. Dark wall colors can make your kitchen appear narrow. You must use light colors like white or pale yellow in your small kitchen. These colors will make your small kitchen design seem larger than it actually is. The windows play an important role to make your small kitchen larger. No windows in your kitchen will make your small kitchen dark and smaller than it actually is. Therefore, make your small kitchen larger by putting a grand window. The lighting adds a wonderful touch to your small kitchen. You can use lights under the cabinets or under the counter. If there is clutter in your small kitchen, …

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Modern Kitchen Desgin

Modern Kitchen Design, 39 Cool Designs

If you want to remodel your kitchen design to be modern, there are many trends to consider. The color is one of the most important things that need attention more than other things in the modern kitchen. Different colors make a special impression in modern kitchen design. The colors that give your kitchen most modernity are white, black, red and dark blue. Textured colors add a fantastic picture to modern kitchen design. The color of storage racks of modern kitchen design is iron with steel. In addition, the most important design parts in the modern kitchen include the cabinets. You can make door cabinets and open shelves. The handles have to be simple. The splash backs for modern kitchens are made of tiles and glass. Both have a cheerful form and make an attractive visual effect with bright colors in the modern kitchen. Floor is an important factor to reflect …

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Small Kitchen Designs

Small Kitchen Designs, If you have a small kitchen, don’t be depressed, there are now many solutions that can help you get the best use out of your small kitchen design area. These solutions are such as the kitchen cart that enables you to save more space without any difficulty by sliding it under your sink, or you can place your kitchen cart at any room. In addition to that, it can be used as a storage area as it has space drawers and cutting boards. The design of your small kitchen furniture should be very tiny to fit in your kitchen space. Removable shelves and tables work well in small kitchen design. Built-in cupboards are ideal small kitchen design options. Wall cupboards come in a place that is definitely reachable. Get cabinets that contain room on top of them. Small kitchen back splash can carry little movable objects that can be placed around without …

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kitchen design ideas

Kitchen Design Ideas, 22 Cool Designs

The arguments about kitchen design ideas are endless; there are huge numbers of kitchen design ideas that you can go through to end with a paradise kitchen and unique room as your kitchen. Kitchen design ideas involve many factors as cabinets, tiles, counter tops, appliances, hardware and fixtures. To get the stylish kitchen design, you have to coordinate all kitchen items design. • The kitchen cabinets are the focal point for your kitchen design ideas. Measure your kitchen to choose the size and type of your kitchen cabinet. Cabinets’ doors are available in many styles, but glass kitchen cabinets doors are popular and classy designs. • Kitchen Counter tops are very important and visible items in your kitchen design. You have to choose your kitchen counter tops to be durable and good looking. Granite counter tops are the most popular choices today. You have many counter top types to choose from as …

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