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Italian Kitchen Design

Italian Kitchen Design, 27 Cool Designs

If you want modernity and inspiration to enter your kitchen, Italian kitchen design is the best idea to choose. The Italian kitchen design focuses on comfort and simplicity. Start with the wall color of the Italian kitchen design. You can create a calm atmosphere in your kitchen by painting it with cream, gold, orange, sky blue, gray, deep brown or white. In addition, you can mix two colors with each other to give a fantastic view to your Italian kitchen design. The majority of Italian families like to stay in the kitchen for a long time so it requires a table. A table surrounded by many chairs in the Italian kitchen design is the favorite thing Italians prefer. You can make the table of wood and the chairs of wrought iron with wood and they will add a beautiful touch to your Italian kitchen design. A backsplash with a bold …

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Tuscan Kitchen Design

Tuscan Kitchen Design, 29 Cool Designs

Tuscany is a region in Italy. Tuscan kitchen design is famous for its scenery, heritage and art of cooking. Most people like Tuscan kitchen design because Tuscan kitchen design is comfortable, simple and historic. The Tuscan kitchen color is so attractive. There are many colors for your Tuscan kitchen like sky blue, warm colors, olive green, orange, deep purple, yellow, warm gray, milky white and red. The Tuscan cabinet is characterized with natural wood tones that reflect warm colors of the Tuscany landscape. The flooring in Tuscan kitchen design is made of stone, marble, mosaic tile, terracotta, slate and natural hard wood. You will feel more comfortable in your Tuscan kitchen if you put a nice table with chairs for gathering the family and inviting friends. You can add stone countertop or hang a ring of pots and candleholders in your Tuscan kitchen. For ornamenting your Tuscan kitchen by accessories, …

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Modern Kitchen Desgin

Modern Kitchen Design, 39 Cool Designs

If you want to remodel your kitchen design to be modern, there are many trends to consider. The color is one of the most important things that need attention more than other things in the modern kitchen. Different colors make a special impression in modern kitchen design. The colors that give your kitchen most modernity are white, black, red and dark blue. Textured colors add a fantastic picture to modern kitchen design. The color of storage racks of modern kitchen design is iron with steel. In addition, the most important design parts in the modern kitchen include the cabinets. You can make door cabinets and open shelves. The handles have to be simple. The splash backs for modern kitchens are made of tiles and glass. Both have a cheerful form and make an attractive visual effect with bright colors in the modern kitchen. Floor is an important factor to reflect …

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