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Tuscan kitchen decor

Tuscan Kitchen Decor

Tuscany is an area in Italy. The kitchens there are famous for having a rustic mood. The theme of Tuscan kitchen decoration should have some old world charm to show how so beautiful it is. Tuscan kitchen decor has a warm style with the natural materials which give a quiet view. The most important thing in the kitchen to give a smart interface is the color. Kitchen colors give a warm feeling if you choose them in a right way. The colors, which give you this feeling, are golden yellow or burnt orange. If the mix two colors with each other, they give a beautiful touch to your Tuscan kitchen. To decorate your Tuscan kitchen, use classic materials in the floor like stone, marble, granite and limestone. Using the oven splash back is an ideal spot to the Tuscan kitchen décor. The furnishings must be rustic and old fashioned. Choose wooden …

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