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Small Kitchen Renovations, Small space

A wide rang of people think that the small space of kitchen is one of the most fault you can face when you buy a house; in this following lines we will prove to you that in our life now small kitchen is better than the big one. Let’s take a sample of our point of view, if you want to make a renovation in your kitchen, which one will be the more economic, the small one or the big. The designer always like big space places to apply his plans, but we will also give you some tips to do what you dream without restrict with the small space. Talking about partial renovation or full one, this isn’t the main point, but the idea that you can do what you want & not let the small space control you. Good organizing is one of the secrets to achieve your …

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Kitchen renovation without significant costs

Smart innovations for small Kitchens

One of the common difficulties you face when intending renewing kitchens is small space, which makes you restricted with only small procedures to change the form of it. A lot of people think that kitchen volume space is the main aspect in reforming kitchen , but in this days there are many tends prove that smart planning is the basic factor in renewing any place even small kitchens . We will try to present some ideas to make renewing and reforming small kitchens easier and effective. You can control kitchen shape by creating free space to give you the sense of widening, eliminate unnecessary accessories like toaster, kitchen machines ,etc… , removing a wall, bright color painting ( beige , white soft colors) , using one sink , making wall’s shelves , using built in electric devices , putting small table , similar painting colors for kitchen components , tucked …

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Ideas for small kitchen

Ideas for Small kitchen, 29 Cool Ideas

Everyone dreams about a huge kitchen and wants to have free space for entertaining family and friends. Some people are facing a problem of kitchen smallness and want to make their kitchen huge to be able to move freely. If you have a small kitchen that wants remodeling, you should care about three elements in your kitchen. The three main elements are appliances, storage and lighting. You can make use of the appliances in your small kitchen as you can use refrigerators that are 24 inches instead of 30 inches. For microwave, you can put it under cabinets to free extra space in your small kitchen. For storage, you can hang up the pots and pans on a pot rack. This idea is very good to free up cabinet space and it will beautify your small kitchen. For lighting, you can create an illusion of space with under cabinet lighting …

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