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Ideas for small kitchen

Ideas for Small kitchen, 29 Cool Ideas

Everyone dreams about a huge kitchen and wants to have free space for entertaining family and friends. Some people are facing a problem of kitchen smallness and want to make their kitchen huge to be able to move freely. If you have a small kitchen that wants remodeling, you should care about three elements in your kitchen. The three main elements are appliances, storage and lighting. You can make use of the appliances in your small kitchen as you can use refrigerators that are 24 inches instead of 30 inches. For microwave, you can put it under cabinets to free extra space in your small kitchen. For storage, you can hang up the pots and pans on a pot rack. This idea is very good to free up cabinet space and it will beautify your small kitchen. For lighting, you can create an illusion of space with under cabinet lighting …

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Small kitchen

Small kitchen decoration

Some people decorate their kitchens in somewhat a difficult way. There are a few things that can help you decorate your kitchen magically and brightly. A dark color for the kitchen’s backslash could be a brilliant idea to get a feeling that the kitchen became larger. Contemporary small kitchen decoration goes far beyond the bounds of the tradition of small kitchens. If your kitchen is small, you can make it interesting and different and you can turn it to be more attractive and look larger as seen in the images under this article . There are some advices to decorate your small kitchen: • Add brilliant colors to your kitchen. It will make your small kitchen larger and brighter. • Paint the walls with soft yellow or blue color , or just paste elegant wallpaper. • Try to make your small kitchen free of mess. The mess will make your kitchen seem …

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Small Kitchen Designs

Small Kitchen Designs, If you have a small kitchen, don’t be depressed, there are now many solutions that can help you get the best use out of your small kitchen design area. These solutions are such as the kitchen cart that enables you to save more space without any difficulty by sliding it under your sink, or you can place your kitchen cart at any room. In addition to that, it can be used as a storage area as it has space drawers and cutting boards. The design of your small kitchen furniture should be very tiny to fit in your kitchen space. Removable shelves and tables work well in small kitchen design. Built-in cupboards are ideal small kitchen design options. Wall cupboards come in a place that is definitely reachable. Get cabinets that contain room on top of them. Small kitchen back splash can carry little movable objects that can be placed around without …

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outdoor kitchen designs

Outdoor kitchen designs, 22 Cool designs

Outdoor kitchen is a place that deserves paying some attention to choose well kitchen design. In order to design an outdoor kitchen, you have to keep in mind some important considerations in planning the layout, appliances and space allocation. When setting your outdoor kitchen designs, you have to firstly decide the spot of the grill. After deciding the model, you can move on to placement. Grill is usually at the middle of all the appliances, everything else needs to be in arm’s reach for the cook. Choose suitable orientation for the grill in your outdoor kitchen design, so that wind doesn’t blow the smoke in the faces of your family or guests. You can place your outdoor kitchen next to an empty wall of your house. It not only eliminates the problems described above, but the outdoor kitchen design will give also an additional treatment for your appliances.

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