Western Decorating Ideas for Home and Kitchen

It might be unusual at this time to have a Western decorating style, but to this day this design remains a popular choice for some people. Western decorating style is one of the home decor styles and is often called a cowboy culture. A Western-style interior is different from European-style interior decor. A Western-style interior is much more relaxed and comfortable. It also gives a natural feel to the house.

If you are going to apply this style in your home, you have to do some careful calculation in regard to housing materials, colors, furniture selection and accessories.

You can achieve Western style in your home with a combination of various colors, furniture and cowboy-themed accessories. The materials that are used in Western style are leather, stone, wood and metal.

To have a feeling of warmth, you can brown color as the material furnishings with terracotta-colored walls or bricks. If you want to use wallpapers, choose ones with nature patterns such as light brown with some combination of other natural colors like green color pine or river.

Moreover, you can decorate your kitchen in Western style as well. There are so many ideas that you can choose from. For instance, you can focus on a Western object like some cowboy boots or a cowboy hat or you can combine them both and use them as your central decorating theme. You can also western-themed curtains and light switch covers.

Another idea that you can use is look for tables and chairs that actually look like they were made with unfinished logs. Moreover, you can use photo frames that look unfinished and put pictures of your family or of western mountains and hills in them.

You can also use cast-iron skillets or pans as wall decor. You can even make your own Western-style dining table. Look for a vintage-looking wagon wheel and use it as a base and lay a piece of heavy beveled glass on top.

Have a glance at the images beneath to get more ideas about this mesmerizing decoration.

western kitchen decorating ideas

western kitchen decorating ideas

western kitchen decorating ideas

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