Mexican Kitchen Theme – Bright Colors

If you are going to remodel your Kitchen, then don’t think too much. The best choice is the Mexican theme , which became popular nowadays . You can easily change your Kitchen theme into the Mexican one even if you have a tight budget. The Mexican theme features with its bright colors , that’s why it will be the right choice for those who have a plain or rustic kitchen and are looking for having a more cheerful design for their Kitchen.

Here we will illustrate with you various elements that will turn your Kitchen décor into a Mexican one. The first element is colors, you can use deep colors like cobalt blue and terracotta orange, paprika or turquoise. Then make some effects on the walls such as sponging or stippling. The next element is flooring, terracotta tiles can give you a traditional effect. Another option is to use strong colored ceramic tiles. But best of all is Talavera tiles which are richly painted tiles made in Mexico and can be used in flooring and also for countertops.

Regarding countertops you can use black granite which will make a perfect contrast with the colorful walls. You can also put some decoration touches from Mexican culture like vases, pots, …etc. Moving to kitchen furniture, Choose the wooden furniture which have hand carved decorations to give you an authentic Mexican look, or you may try wooden furniture with some wrought iron detail in it.

Use Wooden or bamboo blinds for Window treatment as it give you rustic effect beside offering privacy. The window curtains has to be simple but with bright colors. Then you can buy some accessories and decorative items to complete the overall atmosphere of the Mexican theme, such as hand-woven baskets, terracotta pitcher , cooper, punched tin decoration , …etc.

Mexican Kitchen theme

Mexican Kitchen theme

Mexican Kitchen theme

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