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Kitchen Wall Decor

Kitchen Wall Decorating

Today the kitchen is the heart of the house and not only a place for cooking. The housewife should feel comfort and beauty out of the decoration while she cooks. A housewife likes to have the best kitchen and others must see her kitchen in the best case of cleanliness and beauty, and hope to have a kitchen like hers. Therefore, the housewife should take care about the kitchen and decorate it all the time. The kitchen walls play an important role in decorating the kitchen. The kitchen walls are some of the things that draw attention in the kitchen so you must care about them by beautiful ways. There are many simple and inexpensive ways to decorate your kitchen. • Buying glue tapes with various colors; you can stick them on the walls in different ways like parallel lines. • Putting a clock on the wall; you can put …

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kitchen tiles

Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen Tiles, A good looking kitchen affects your mood very much during the cooking process. The design of the kitchen may reflect on the food quality and taste, the kitchen tiles are the most decorative part in your kitchen that make your kitchen look very beautifully designed or ugly. Choosing attractive and wonderful patterns of kitchen tiles, improves your kitchen value. For good choice of kitchen tiles, you need some smart ideas, such as: • In your choice of kitchen tiles, don’t use coordinated colors with the kitchen surface, walls, and floor, but use contrasting colors to create an impact. • Indulge many materials in your kitchen tiles as an assortment of ceramic, stone, glass and metal tiles that will be affordable and good looking at the same. • Use some different kitchen tiles textures as Matt, silk or gloss tiles; un-filled travertine, polished natural stone or porcelain tiles and glass …

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