Vintage kitchen decorating ideas – Vintage Look

Vintage kitchen decorating ideas – Vintage Look

Some people want to have an antique decor for their kitchen as they see that it full of glory and has appreciated value . So if you want to have a vintage theme for your kitchen , you can try these ideas .

The wooden kitchen is a main signature for rustic style especially white or creamy colors as they refer to old times than other hot color . But for more elegant look you can try shades of gold , red or olive color with metal accessories .

The dining table play an important role in giving a vintage look to your kitchen as in old days they used to have wooden long table with ladder back chairs . You also can put cotton table cloths with soft prints and dining table mats with golden embroidery to add more wonderful look .

For more antique look you can choose kitchen island which provided in many designs for different kitchen sizes and can fit your taste at the same time . The main feature of vintage kitchen decorating ideas is glass cabinets in both ends to show your France crystal glasses and the antique china dishes . Also the old kitchen themes characterized by presence of wood shelves that you can use them for putting some accessories on them like wood artwork pieces , antique dishes …etc .

Also using a light in somewhat way can give your the period of time you desire , i.e the brass lamps with yellow light can return you to 19th century , also neat luxurious lamps can add more vintage look to your kitchen . If you are searching for more suggestions about beautiful decor, look at the images below.


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