How to reface your kitchen cabinet

How to reface your kitchen cabinet

If you don’t have sufficient money to remodel your kitchen, then the wonderful way to change your kitchen design, is by doing some adjustments that will be amazing by refacing your kitchen cabinet, that will grant your kitchen fresh look and magical touch.

There are numerous features of refacing process: it will save your time and money because it doesn’t need workers or much time.

Some essential tips for refacing your kitchen cabinet and getting modernistic appear:

In the beginning remove the cabinet doors but leave the hinges attached to the frame of the cabinet then remove faces from the cabinet, next, take off , the hardware from the front of the cabinets.

Use paint or stain remover, to remove the old coat of paint or stain from the cabinet then clean all dust.

Make sure doors are proper and keep them in a safe place.

Finally, the best gadget to reface your kitchen cabinet is by using a paint spraying gun or a paint roller. Let your taste appear in choosing the suitable colors.

Remember to rehang the faces to the cabinet and also rehang the handles to open the cabinets after the paint dry.

Keep in mind that the most influential, and cheap ways to renovate, the appearance of your kitchen is by Refacing kitchen cabinet doors. And this process can be done by simple tools like screwdrivers, to remove the doors, sanding paper, or electric sanders to remove the old layer of paint.

For awesome look to your cabinet utilize new hardware to re-attach the cabinets, as well as fresh handles, drawer pulls and paint .

Let you imagination goes away with these mesmerizing images of refacing kitchen cabinet.

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