Painted kitchen cabinet

Painted kitchen cabinet

Painted kitchen cabinet is the best way to innovate your old kitchen and turn it into a well-furnished place, and that’s will save a lot of your time and money.

Points to consider before painting your kitchen cabinet :

Firstly, you have to remove the dust and grease stains.

Secondly, if your kitchen door knobs are damaged you should fix them.

Thirdly, if you have a small kitchen go for light shades or paint it white.

Fourthly, consider factors like, color of the kitchen wall, color of the cabinet, size of the kitchen and other hardware.

Fifthly, while painting the stiles you should cover the counter top with a masking or a painter’s tape.

Sixthly, Be sure to allow the surface dry thoroughly before you begin to apply the primer. Primer is a necessary step in the process as it provides a smooth, even surface for the paint to adhere duly. The best gadget for priming and painting the doors is sawhorse.

Seventhly, Always avoid buying cheap paints.

Likewise, browse the websites about kitchen cabinets carefully, if you are planning to buy a ready to assemble kitchen cabinets for your home. On the internet you will find a variety of kitchen cabinet, RTA cabinets in different color, style and texture. read the features of everyone and accept the best.

Don’t forget door style is an important choice for your decoration. There are various styles of door like, wood or glass.

Finally, If you desire less shine, consider the semi gloss finish, as there are a few choices in the finish. gloss, or satin finishes are most commonly used. The higher the gloss, the stronger the finish and the easier it will be to clean.

You can get inspiration from the following pictures of painted kitchen cabinets.


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