The Amazing Outdoor Kitchen Island

The Amazing Outdoor Kitchen Island

The rush of modern life made it difficult to spend a little time with your family, so the best solution is the amazing outdoor kitchen island which will save the time for you as you can cook and simultaneously catch up with your family.

If you wish a spacious kitchen here you are the amazing outdoor kitchen island. It has amazing advantage as its design contains a sitting area.

If you’re a fan of your imagination, now you can turn your dream into real by building your own outdoor kitchen island. here you are the essential steps to build it.

Firstly, the most important thing to build is the frame of the island and to do this utilize the 2x4s and screws. Needless to say the gauges of the frame will be up to you.

Secondly, attach an additional 2×4 to the inside corner of each corner of the frame to create corner posts then screw in metal post standoff at the corners, on the bottom of the frame. then cover the entire island with the builders felt.

Thirdly, after cutting plywood sheets to the correct measurements in order to veil either sides of the frame, utilize a screwdriver to screw the plywood to the frame.

Fourthly, cover the lath with the mortar, but at firs remember to mix mortar with water. After 24 hours place scrap boards around the bottom of the island then apply mortar to the back of a corner stone, lay stones going out in both directions from this corner stone.

Finally begin the next row the same way you started the bottom and continue repeating these steps all the way up until you have reached the top of your island.

If you are searching for more suggestions about the amazing outdoor kitchen island look at the images below.


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